6 startups from Russia started international sales with Softline

Announced the finalists and winners of the acceleration program Global Growth Challenge

Softline company and Softline Venture Partners Foundation announce the start of work as a partner with 6 Russian startups in order to develop their sales in foreign markets. These companies have successfully completed all stages of the acceleration program Global Growth Challenge, launched in early 2019, and were selected by an expert jury to continue active work on the promotion, marketing of their technological solutions in Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe, as well as Russia and the CIS.
The winners of the Global Growth Challenge were the teams:
  • is a full-featured dialogue platform and industrial virtual assistants based on artificial intelligence.
  • Heedbook is an online service for monitoring front-line employees ' performance and customer satisfaction, which allows you to improve the quality of service and increase sales.
  • SkyDNS is a cloud content filtering and Internet security Service.
Finalists of the program:
  • CraftTalk — AI platform that allows you to handle customer inquiries in the channels by using chatbots and operators.
  • Mind&Machine is a simple and clear WFM is the solution for the management and automatic scheduling of work of employees.
  • Medsenger is a platform for medical institutions that provides remote communication between the attending physician and the patient.
The acceleration program became the basis for startups to enter new regions. As part of the joint work with experts, entrepreneurs revised strategies for the development of new markets acquired the skills of promotion and positioning of products, organization of work within the team, formed marketing materials for individual verticals and target audiences. The technological master class from the partner of the program, Microsoft, allowed to outline the main points for optimization of solutions, and the joint educational module with REC — to work out the financial and legal scheme with currency calculations.
The winners will continue active work on the part of Softline and the Fund on the sale of their solutions to international markets, the formation of common marketing plans for promotion, ensuring presence in the region. When launching a pilot project in a foreign country, Softline will provide financial support for face-to-face meetings with customers. The finalists, together with specialists of the group of companies, the Foundation, and representatives of the partners, will continue to work together to Refine and localize their solutions, marketing, and technical materials, with a focus on sales in Russia and the CIS.
"For both Softline and the Fund, working with startups for more than 10 years is one of the important areas of business transformation of the group of companies, — says Elena Volotovskaya, Vice President of Softline investment and head of Softline Venture Partners. — Our projects to work with young entrepreneurs allow not only to find fresh solutions and invest in them, but also to work with project teams as ISV partners. Development in this direction allows us to expand our portfolio to solve the most complex and narrow problems of customers around the world. We are always interested in cooperation with new and promising vendors."
"Support for Russian startups, both in successful work on the local market and in entering the international level, is one of the key priorities for Microsoft. That is why we are very happy to participate in this Softline initiative. Russian projects traditionally have a very high level of technological expertise, which is appreciated all over the world. The program of joint sales, as well as mentoring support from partners and organizers of the accelerator, help them to occupy a worthy position in the global market ecosystem," added Ivan Kopytov, Manager for working with Microsoft startups in Russia.
The accelerator is held by Softline annually. During its work (2017−2019), the organizers and partners of the program reviewed more than 350 presentations of startups, listened to more than 70 pitches, trained 26 teams, invested more than 7 million rubles in the development of technological platforms of the winners. The 2018−2019 program was conducted in partnership with Microsoft, ABBYY, the Russian Export center, OPORA RUSSIA, and the innovation Assistance Fund.